What is a cookie and what is it used for.
In computers, HTTP cookies (more commonly referred to as Web cookies, tracking cookies or simply cookies) are lines of text used to perform automatic authentication, session tracking and storage of specific information concerning users accessing the server, such as, for example, favorite websites or, in the case of purchases via the internet, the content of their ‘shopping carts’. In practical and non-specialist terms, a cookie is a small file, stored on your computer by websites during browsing, useful for saving preferences and improving website performance. This optimizes the user’s browsing experience. (Wikipedia)

Use of cookies

The site uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for users who view the site pages.
The users viewing the Site will see minimal information entered in the devices in use, which are computers and mobile devices, in small text files called “cookies” saved in the directories used by the User’s web browser.
By disabling cookies some of our services may not work properly and some pages will not display them correctly.
There are various types of cookies, some to make the use of the Site more effective, others to enable certain features.
Analyzing them in detail our cookies allow:
– store the preferences entered;
– avoid re-entering the same information several times during the visit such as user name and password
– analyze the use of the services and content provided by the site to optimize the browsing experience and services offered


Technical cookies

We use technologies such as “technical” cookies necessary for the functioning of the system and relevant only to the VISITING session on the site. They are temporary and have the duration of the current session. They are not used by third parties.

How to change cookie settings

However you can manage or disable cookies with the procedures provided by the various web browsers used for browsing.
Therefore, for more information on how to carry out these operations, we suggest the User to consult the manual of his device or the “Help” or “Help” function of his web browser.

The following are links to users that explain how to manage or disable cookies for the most popular web browsers:

– Internet Explorer:
– Google Chrome:
– Mozilla Firefox:
– Opera:
– Safari:

However, it is possible to delete cookies by using one of the many ‘third party’ cleaners, such as CCleaner.

Once the cookies have been deleted, it is normal for the browser and the various websites to reappear with requests for customization: this is due, in fact, to the cleaning performed.

Cookies active on

This site offers the possibility to send requests via contact form. Cookies can be used to remember if you are already registered on the site and to view some notifications that may only be valid for subscribed / non-subscribed users.

When data is sent via a form such as the contact form, cookies can be set to remember your user data for future correspondence.

Cookies of WordPress

Sorrento Coast Relais is built on a WordPress platform, a system created to build blogs and websites. Consequently, it uses its technical cookies to guarantee the functioning of the site itself. Without these cookies you could not use the site in the best possible way.

Analytical cookies and third-party cookies

The site does not use this type of cookie.

We also use social media buttons and / or plugins on this site that allow you to connect with your social network in different ways. For this connection to be possible, the following social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, will create cookies through our site. Once you have moved from the site to the social networking sites, the privacy policies and the use of cookies will be subject to their use.

For more information

To learn more about cookies, read the legislation at the following link